About Me

Aries Santoso

Muslim SEO Consultant

I’m Aries

Learn more about me and what makes me the right your SEO Consultant.

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A short story about me

I jumped into SEO with my first blog 6 years ago. I just wrote articles then want to be read by more users. I knew it could be with organic search. So I learned and practice more to get my mission.

The blog carried me into SEO professional at one of local startup. I spend more years and achieved more targets. Then I continued to grow following the development of SEO until now.

See what brands that I’ve support with my SEO strategies at this link.

But before you go, I want to share about a “Muslim” SEO Consultant. Muslim means Islam is my religion and I follow the religion’s rules. In this case, I just want to work with halal brands or products.

Why work with me?

Yes of course you could work with another consultant or agency, so why pick me? Okay, here are some things to consider

  • I will directly create the strategy with the best and following trusted guidelines.
  • I don’t take on more work than what I can handle at one time.
  • I will transparant what I’m working on and why.
  • Only choose halal products or company.
  • I’m easy to work and a great communicator.

It’s time to start your SEO project

Get in touch so I can learn about your products. Unfortunately, I have limited availability, so send email to make sure I’m available to do your project.